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~ Service Positions Available ~ 

So your sponsor says you need to get involved but you’re not quite sure what to do…

Did you know that District 25 Special Events is looking for volunteers to help put on our 12th Annual Round Up in October?

No experience required; just a desire to give back and be a part of.

We have openings in the following areas:

1) Publicity - coordinating with other districts and the Tickets volunteers to ensure that the word gets out (flyers, other district websites...) 2) Volunteer Coordinators - Coordinating volunteers for registration, setup, take-down and kitchen clean up. 3) Treasurer - Keep track of expenses and income. 4) Operations - Coordinate with facility. Be available for set up to make sure signs are placed in highly visible areas. 5) Tickets - Coordinate ticket sales at various meetings in the surrounding area (London - Toronto) 6) Displays - Coordinate with Jackie's Place, Literature etc…

To get involved, please email Sara A at: All positions need to be filled by March 31, 2017.


AA Volunteers & Guest Speakers are in need. AA Soft Cover Big Books & 24 Hour Daily Reflections Required.

Become a Volunteer/Guest Speaker and help carry the message of AA into the Maplehurst Corrections Facility in Milton.

If your group is able to donate Soft Cover Big Books or 24 Hour Daily Reflections that it would be greatly appreciated. These books go along way for the still suffering alcoholic inside the walls of the Complex Facility.

Volunteers MUST be:

* 2 years criminal charge free

* 1 year clean and sober

For more information please contact: Ed N. District 25 Men's Corrections Chair email: Cell 416-419-9523

~~ Special Needs ~~

Do you or someone you know have Special Needs for AA?

Read about our Special Need/Accessibility Committee

How we can help?


How you can help? 

Click Below for details

[Printable Flyer]


 ~~ Women Needed~Be The Change!~~

Do you want to be the change?

Are you interested in sharing your experience, strenghth and hope?

Come join us and take the message of

Alcoholics Anonymous into 

Vanier Women's Correction Center

Must have one year sobriety.  Please contact me for details about getting started:

Karen T click to email 

or call (905) 877-1899


~~ Halton Recovery House ~~

Limited Attendance Meeting * - Men Only

Big Book Discussion Meeting

Sunday Nights 8:00pm**

*Minimum 6 months sobriety required

If you would like to attend this meeting at the Halton Recovery

House,  please call or email in advance.

Rob H. 905-691-6663

Jim S. 226-200-2300

**if there is a 5th Sunday in the month,  it will be a Speaker Meeting


District 25 Members ~ Speak Another Language? 

We are looking for people who can speak a language other

than English to assist with Calls received on

the AA 1 800 HELP LINE.

Please do not let language be the barrier that stops

the suffering alcoholic from getting help when asking for it.

See your GSR for further information if you speak a language

other than english and would like to help. 

Thank you from your Special Needs Chair

and Telephone Answering-Service.




For updates to this information send email to